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Life at Sunnyside

Daily life in the Home tends to circle around the free coffee shop and open lounge area on the ground floor.  The coffee shop manned by a trained Barista who serves tea and coffee to residents and visitors who can try our home made buns, cakes and snacks while visiting and chatting.  If you don't feel well enough to socialise in the communal areas the Barista will serve you and your visitors in your own room.

We manage your Doctor appointments and other medical professional visits which are an important part of daily life to ensure you are kept as healthy as possible.  Once these are taken care of you are free to do as you please including relaxing in the garden or lounges or joining in the organised activities put on by our trained activities organiser including;

Shopping in the Local Arndale Centre

Exercise classes


History memory sessions

Arts and crafts

Competitions including bingo

Book and daily newspaper reading


A hairdresser visits the home twice a week.

We also have visiting professionals and entertainers each week from Elvis Presley and other music acts to magicians and friendly pat dogs, donkeys and sheep to add something different to keeping our residents stimulated and happy.

There are regular organised trips out to local parks, garden centres

We pride ourselves keeping in touch with the local community including;

-  Representatives from most local churches and faiths visit the home as required and conduct both private and group services depending on the circumstances and preferences.

-  We hold a monthly 'Monday club' where local residents are able to attend a coffee morning.  This is particularly beneficial for people living on their own to allow them to have company and a chat for a few hours.

- Children from local schools visit and chat, and perform plays and sing songs.

-  Charity Fund raising through the annual 'walk a mile' around Crossgates where both family and staff members push as many residents as possible in wheelchairs around the local community to raise Funds for Charity.  Involvement is completely voluntary.  Recent charities benefitted are the Yorkshire Air Ambulance, Help the Age and Multiple Scierosis Society.

school visit.JPG

Local School Visit


Relaxing in the Garden

walk a mile 003 (20).JPG

Annual Walk a Mile

afternoon sherry.JPG

Afternoon Sherry

afternoon tea.JPG

Afternoon Tea


Activities with Freinds



dancering with daughters.JPG

Dancing with Family

burns night.JPG

Burns Night

meet the donkey.JPG

Donkey Visit

bithday cake 2.JPG


trip to the park.JPG

Trip to the Park

music in garden 2.JPG

Music in the Garden

xmas visiting preist.jpg

Visiting Preist

santa cl 3.JPG

Santa Clause Visit

feeding the birds.JPG

Feeding the Birds

Life at Sunnyside: Activities
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